A revolutionary oral prosthetic liner

Bio-Soft Denture Liner
ound for Pound,  Unit for Unit,
Bio-Soft Costs Less.
Bio-Soft denture liner gives you the finest quality along with characteristics that will result in major benefits, like.... 

SAVINGS.  Bio-Soft costs less than silicons and comparable acrylics. A one-pound kit can complete 45 to 55 dentures.  Cost it out...per unit you save money.

EFFICIENCY. There is minimal waste and no  "do-overs" because Bio-Soft is less technique sensitive.  You're only mixing powder and monomer to achieve your desired consistency.

TIME. Bio-Soft trims nicely with a burr without gumming up the tool.  You can polish the unit with pumice and it will look exactly like tissue.

Bio-Soft is bacterial-static, so it is healthier
for the patient to wear and clean.  We include cleaning instructions with every kit.
A Soft Denture Liner that Works
the Way You Need it To Work.

Bio-Soft oral prosthetic liner is processed like other soft-lining materials you may have used in the past with one major exception: the ratio of liquid to powder is not crucial.

You can vary the ratio to suit your personal preference or the requirement of the particular case.  The more liquid you use, the softer the lining will be. Using less liquid results in a firmer lining.

Ethyl methacrylate is firmer at lab temperature than silicons. Bio-Soft denture liner will soften and become more pliable once in the mouth. Or, hold the denture under warm water for 15-seconds to adjust its softness.

Bio-Soft Denture Liner is Excellent for In-the-Mouth Relines.
The procedure is simple: Relieve the denture to achieve the desired thickness of Bio-Soft. This will leave a roughened surface.  Stirring slowly, mix Bio-Soft denture liner to the suitable consistency. Do not whip the mixture.

Wet the denture surface with Bio-Soft liquid, then load with Bio-Soft denture liner and place in the mouth. This direct reline may be used as a tissue conditioner for up to one year.

Bio-Soft remains pliable three times longer than other acrylic soft liners. Just be sure that the patient follows the cleaning instructions closely and does not use any type of bleaching agent as a cleanser.
Bio-Soft is More than a Soft Denture Liner.
  • You can tighten the fit around attachments.

  • You can use it as a viable tissue conditioner.

  • You can fashion bite guards with Bio-Soft.

  • Bio-Soft needs no refrigeration and the shelf life is indefinite.

  • Plus, Bio-Soft will even bond to titanium. 

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